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Aug. 1st, 2007 | 08:34 pm
mood: accomplished accomplished
music: Mika Nakashima - Life

"More than a month of no updating ---- to be honest I actually forgot O.o"

As I see, time has flown past me. I have been really productive and making great use of this summer, unlike last year, where I struggled to do something other than warcraft :P

But I am kind of proud of myself at the fact that I am slowly getting into routine and trying my best not waste time. Also, from the last time I updated, quite a lot has happened. On July 11, I watched Harry Potter 5 and O waited 2 hours before, so I had good seats. And then a few days after, I saw it again with Zaynah. I must say, that was the best day, and it still is. It was really, really fun, and I hope we have more days like that :) Sushi !!

And, a week after, I went to chapters and bought 100 dollars worth of books; it felt good because it has been quite a while since I have bought a book. One of the books I bought was Eragon, and I am going to read it very soon. I also bought this harry potter series book holder, and it really makes hold my books well :D

In addition to that, I went to Pacific Mall and it was great, but the store had changed. I got a purple headband, Hitomi Shimatani's Prima Rosa album, a few stationary, 2 keychains, and a clock.
And the week after that, I went school shopping.

And now I arrive to now. I have been reading, drawing, painting, and playing a lot of piano. I have been working really hard, but in the end, its fun. For me, the summer is not at all boring. To be honest, I enjoy the me time, all by myself, fufufufu ~

I think that's it. It feels nice to post after a while.. ^.^

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